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Default Re: 2013 Detroit Pistons summer league roster

I highly doubt that Mitchell is even part of the rotation this year. He'll probably spend most of it in the D-League. The Pistons have too many forwards to try to give PT too. Mitchell did do alright. I'm not sure how long he'll last in the NBA though.

Siva will more than likely end up overseas. He showed some promise as a playmaker, but overall he has a tough time scoring and he's really small for the NBA.

Drummond was a monster on the boards. He ended up leading that by a long shot. Overall he was one of the top players in summer league. Now he head to the Team USA camp, whatever the one is for the younger guys they're looking at. They say Rasheed is going to work with him there on his back to the basket game.

KCP ended up being decent too. If it wasn't for his first few games it would have been a good summer league for him. At least he showed us some of his potential. I think Stuckey will be the starting SG going into the season though.
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