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Default Shouldn't the WNBA consider lowering the hoop?

I get the pride aspect of it-- female ballers wanting to prove they're just as good as their male counterparts-- but the WNBA would be more enjoyable if the women played in women-friendly dimensions. The fact that there have only been two dunks in the entire history of the WNBA is just sad. I bet if the hoops were lowered to, say, 9 feet, we'd see some better highlights, which would make the games enjoyable.

Let's be real here. You can watch these women play the purest form of basketball, exactly how the sport was intended to be played, with extra passes to find open shooters, with smart plays, with great screens and picks, etc., but none of that matters when you can see the same and MUCH more watching the NBA or even Men's NCAA.

If the hoops are lowered, then those 7 foot tall females, who seemingly can't even touch the rim with a running start, would actually be able to dunk, there would probably be fastbreak alley oops on occasion, and odds are that there'd actually be higher scoring games with the likelihood of some of these games actually being must-watch-TV.

The only downside to my idea, other than the outcry by whatever small amount of their fan base actually exists insisting on the parameters of the court remaining intact in order to preserve any semblance of a professional basketball game, would be the fact that a lot of these players would have to relearn their game in order to adjust to a shorter hoop; however, it's not like they're impressing anyone other than a few women and whatever beat writers are expected to cover the sport.

Hell, at 9 feet, even I can dunk.

What do you guys think? Yay or nay on my idea of lowering the hoop to at least 9 feet?
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