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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

8/10 Lone Ranger - I loved the movie definitely worth the watch. Quite entertaining the acting was good and the story/stories were fun.

Not like the original Lone Ranger but he is more human. Tonto well typical Johnny Depp for sure nails it but very Pirates of the Caribbean-ish.

8/10 Heat - Funny movie.

Been a while since I've actually enjoyed a good movie.

7/10 Kevin Hart: Let me Explain - Not his best stand up work. The previous on stage work was more connected and it flowed more. This was kind of choppy with an anti-climatic ending.

6/10 Man of Steel - Couldnt get connected to any element or characters of the movie. It was a big so what who cares..... Although the The original Superman II was considerably better.
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