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Default Michael Kidd-Gilchrist shooting problems

Where to begin? With the hitch just before the release or with the release point itself, on the way down, after the peak of the jump? With the slight body twist so his shoulders are not square to the basket? With the bad footwork and, therefore, bad balance? With the wrist and elbow that jut in awkward angles?

None of the above. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist has a broken jump shot – a totaled jump shot, actually – but form is not the biggest problem. Approach is. Confidence is. Begin there.

He is a starting small forward in the NBA, a year removed from being the No. 2 pick in the draft, a major piece of what the Bobcats hope is finally the foundation of the future… and looking for ways to not shoot a jumper. Nine 3-pointers attempted last season, two makes.

Enter Mark Price, one of the great shooters in league history during a 12-year career at point guard and hired as a Charlotte assistant by new coach Steve Clifford with a heavy emphasis on taking a jackhammer to Kidd-Gilchrist’s perimeter game and working with Kemba Walker on the pick and roll. Which is why this is also a very good place to begin, far from North Carolina and far from the regular season.

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