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Default Kirilenko discusses joining the Nets

"I got a unique chance to play for a team that is a real title contender. To step on the court with stars like Pierce and Garnett Ė one can only dream about it! This is a chance to join a crusade. This is the first time in my 12 seasons in the NBA that I will be playing for a team which is now one of the main title contenders."

"And we came to a conclusion that you canít make all the money in the world. And in the NBA, if you want to achieve a serious goal, sometimes you have to sacrifice something."

"Of course it was an option for quite some time Ė from the moment Mikhail Prokhorov became the owner. What really influenced my decision now was the trade with Boston. Itís obvious that it has been done in order to make a serious run at winning an NBA title."

-- Via the Brooklyn Game
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