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Default Re: JR Smith - starting sg

Originally Posted by Rameek
This Bogut thing is utterly ridiculous. This guy never plays. The only thing good about him is that he is an expirer. But to get rid of Chandler and make another hole on the team is nuts. Its not like the Knicks have luck getting players but lets dump a player to replace him with another prone player. So who will start Bogut and Bargs lmao someone needs to watch a little more basketball. He has talent and more talent than Chandler but he just cant stay on the court.

Whether Jr should or shouldnt be isnt the problem to me. No team in the world wants this guy to be there 2nd best player. If someone really wanted this guy and saw him as a legit player they could have offered 7 mill or 8 mill. It makes no sense that your number 2 did squat but doesnt get not one form of backlash. I dont care about the Salary the Knicks lost because of JR not Tyson. Yet their isnt any backlash? Illogical.
To me it's a collection of factors....

Game 1 set the tone for the series and all the players admitted to being outworked, which wound up happening even more as the series went on.

Tyson did play awful, JR couldnt make a basket, Melo was inefficient.

When your three most important pieces by role cant get it done, you're gonna lose.

I've heard quite a bit of heat on JR, not on here as much, but personally, JR isnt a good player, and if he does nothing, it's pretty much expected, thus little backlash.

As far as Bogut, i dont even think he was even cleared to play in back to backs....thus making things a little bit worse.
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