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Originally Posted by poido123
No. They were playing all out, however its more a weakness that they dont put in a sustained effort for long periods in a series, we can capitalise on that. We are better equipped to take them down now, having Butler and a sharp shooter Dunleavy is going to make it very hard for Heat to channel in on Rose and gamble defensively.

From what I saw of the heat last year, I am confident this Bulls team is better now.

As a Bulls fan, I hope and pray that you are right.
But then again, the past 3 years, all I kept hearing is that Miami is not that good.
game 1, 3 playoff games ago, oh, Bulls are simply too big, Heat are too small, then Miami took the series.
2 playoffs ago, Miami don't have size, Bosh goes down and yet beat Indiana who had Hibbert and West.
Last playoffs, oh Indiana is wiser, oh San Antonio is better with their great coach.....
IMO, the key too, is not resting on your laurels, Pat Riley was NOT content after signing the big 3, he kept signing vital players like Miller, Battier, Allen and yes even duds like Rashard Lewis. That 8-12 man is CRUCIAL esp incase your back ups don't produce. I like the first 6-7 players but I don't think you can go wrong with signing contingencies, provided ofcourse they have baggages like Stephen Jackson etc.
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