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Default Re: JR Smith - starting sg

Originally Posted by knickscity
To me it's a collection of factors....

Game 1 set the tone for the series and all the players admitted to being outworked, which wound up happening even more as the series went on.

Tyson did play awful, JR couldnt make a basket, Melo was inefficient.

When your three most important pieces by role cant get it done, you're gonna lose.

I've heard quite a bit of heat on JR, not on here as much, but personally, JR isnt a good player, and if he does nothing, it's pretty much expected, thus little backlash.

As far as Bogut, i dont even think he was even cleared to play in back to backs....thus making things a little bit worse.
No Bogut is still injured. Ankle is a mess right now last I heard.

Granted Jr shouldnt be a teams 2nd player but that was his role on the Knicks by talent, ability, hook or crook. Why should Tyson get reamed more than the guy that literally tanked. At least Chandler was injured and playing which people seem to fail to grasp.

JR sucked and yes Melo wasnt efficient. JR didnt show up after getting suspended. The Knicks werent going to win without their 2nd best player.

The scary part is he can reprise the role again this year.
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