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Default Re: Fantasy Football 2013 Advice

Originally Posted by jazz873
Most of these were just projections not exactly where i would draft them.

I want nothing to do with Mike Wallace. However I am a little higher on Bowe than i am Wallace. In a 12 team draft you will most likely see Bowe and Wallace go late in the 4th to late 5th round.

In my opinion RB is thin this year and there are a lot of gambles. And that is why i value Jones-Drew in the third round. You just better hope you have an RB1 already by the time Jones-Drew comes around. It is hard to trust guys like DMC, Wilson, and Ball.

I also like Cook this season. However I like Finley better this year.

Amen about running back being thin. Outside of the top 8-10 running backs, who can you really trust?

I'm conflicted over investing my first 3 picks on running backs, just because if I know I put it off i'll be left with shit.

At the same time guys like Brandon Marshall and Andre Johnson are ranked in the 2nd and 4th round when imo Marshall has first round value and Johnson 2nd round value. In a PPR league I'd love to grab one of those guys right after getting 1 of the top 8 rbs, but then I'd be left taking risks in later rounds.

Maybe I'll go RB, WR, RB, RB. And hope to get a combo of Ridley, Chris Johnson, MJD, McFadden or Wilson.

I'm going to really have to focus on how MJD McFadden and Wilson perform in training camp.
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