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Default Re: JR Smith - starting sg

Originally Posted by Rameek
So how is that this guy tanked the playoffs as Melo's number 2 without a mention but I read the Tyson thread and he gets vilified. Chandler was clearly hurt with a herniated disk and didnt play for month played a couple of games didnt play a month before that but took one for the team but gets crushed.

Then Franchise you specifically say how fans criticize the Knick best player for not being up to par. When Chandler sacrificed his body to even play in the game but you make it seem like its all his fault the Knicks lost. Clearly JR getting suspended and stinking was more of a major factor in the team losing.

How does Jr get off easy yet Tyson gets killed? This is utterly ridiculous.

1. Chandler has sucked in back to back playoffs
2. I never gave JR a pass. He was awful and he completely hurt our team.
3. He took ownership for being terribe. Chandler made it everyone else's fault.
4. I'm not buying Chandler's "flu" BS. Every time he plays poorly, he has the flu all of a sudden. Same BS excuse last postseason.
5. Yes, I do think there's a difference between a 14 million dollar STARTING center and a BACKUP 2 million dollar SG.

I guess you can only complain about salary if your referring to Melo. And for the record, I'm not part of the "folks" clamoring for Bogut. I'm far from a Bogut fan. I would however make that proposed trade. It really has nothing to do with Bogut and everything to do with getting Barnes and ditching Chandler.
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