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Default Re: Official Toronto Blue Jays Discussion 2013

Exactly what I said, I see no point in that trade.

If I am the Jays, I'm a big time seller at this point. Problem is, who are you gonna sell off?

Jays can't trade Dickey, won't get anything close to what they paid for him.
Josh Johnson won't fetch much, plus I think Josh Johnson will have a decision to make next year. Either accept the $12 million to rebuild his value, or if someone actually offers him a lot. He goes via FA and gets Toronto a first round pick.
Buerhle, owed $19 million next year and the year after, good luck moving him.

I'd be looking to move Janssen, Oliver, Cecil and Delabar if they fetch us any value. I think if you package them, you may be able to buy low on a player (like Rasmus).

Personally, I would hate to go the Marlins way, but would it be such a bad idea to start thinking of trading Jose Bautista, Jose Reyes and Edwin Encarnacion? I know this is a team that was built with a 3 year window in mind; but this ballclub doesn't seem like it's that close...
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