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Originally Posted by DJMason
Before we talk blowing the whole damn team up, I recommend headinv over to Grantland and reading the article on the Bosox retool for this year after a disappointing 2011 & 2012. Basically they made wise acquisitions and jetisoned the shyte contracts while keeping the legit core together.

We should be a mixture of buying and selling and certainly shouldn't just throw the next two seasons.

I think age is a factor as well. My question would be, what is our legit core? Bautista, Reyes, Edwin and perhaps Rasmus? I would say Lawrie is too, but this is his second straight down year. That still leaves us with catcher, second base, first base/DH and LF (Melky).

Even if we fix our hitting somewhat, starting pitching is the real problem. We have invested heavily in Dickey and Buehrle. I would love to get rid of Buehrle, just don't know who will take that contract off our hands and with that, he will be out there every 5 days. Once again, Josh Johnson will have a decision to make, but eventually, I do think some NL team will pay him. Then you have Ricky Romero (who had his 4th straight quality start today) and Brandon Morrow who have their spot penciled in. Also Happ, Hutchison, Rogers, Drabek etc all battling for the fifth spot. Pretty much what I'm trying to get at is that we're going to go into next season with pretty much the same team.

I think AA had a great opportunity in the off season two years ago. Darvish + Fielder. That should have been the target. Even if they didn't get Fielder, cause I thought his contract was too much, Darvish should have been a must. All it would have cost us was money, no prospects, no draft picks...
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