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Originally Posted by Zan Tabak
Was it this video?

I love CT Fletcher. I incorporated a lot of his philosophy's into my own training. Chest was always a weak area for me. So I started doing it twice a week(every 3 to 4 days). Been doing this for almost a year now and my chest has literately doubled in size.

So I do believe that 'over training' is more myth than reality. It exists, but harder to achieve than a lot of people think.

Most bodybuilders will say overtraining is bullshit, but then again a lot of them are on steroids and cycles that would make King Kong have a heart attack. I do agree with you though, it's real but the average gym goer isn't in danger of overtraining.

I do most body parts/lifts 2 times a week, sometimes 3 (biceps/triceps) if I feel like I've been lagging behind on them.
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