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Originally Posted by abuC
Most bodybuilders will say overtraining is bullshit, but then again a lot of them are on steroids and cycles that would make King Kong have a heart attack.

This x100. I really don't undestand so many people in this thread following advices and looking at videos of bodybuilders who CLEARLY use steroids instead of following natural bodybuilders like Layne Norton, 3DMJ team, coach Eric Helms,...

It's hilarious how many myths exists because of the bodybuilders who use steroids . Believe me, youtube those people I mentioned and listen to them if you're not on roids, your progress will be so much better.

And I'm not talking about overtraining. I'm doing complex exercises like squats, bench press, push press etc, almost every second day. So 3-4 times per week, but obvioulsy not always with max weight(low rep-max weight, volume training-lower weight, explosive training-around 60% max weight). And I'm seeing by far better results than in the past when I was doing ''one muscle group only once per week until complete muscle failure''. Not to mention way too many isolation exercises in the past and all other bullsh!t which is practised by ROID bodybuilders. Oh, and better not even mention all the myths about nutrition

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