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Default Re: Who should Pistons draft in 2013 NBA Draft?

I guess it would be one of those trades where, it doesn't really make sense for our team stylistically as we would only have one shooter on the starting 5 (considering KCP starts) but on the other hand, it wouldn't make sense if we didn't trade away a package revolving around knight for Rondo as Rondo is a top 5 PG in this league and is still just 27 years old.

As I said before - I would much rather send Smith to Celtics in return for say - Green + Sullinger + 1st round draft pick (one of their many now)

That way Rondo and Smith (buddies) get to play with each other and a solid 1-2 franchise punch for the celts to build around - and Pistons get a very, vary handy and versatile SF in Green who adds in my opinion a perfect fit chemistry wise for us. Sullinger a solid banger off the bench to compliment Dre and Moose, and a draft pick next year in which we don't have one.

I would do that in a heart beat! Is Smith worth all that? I'd say so, 56 million would suggest so too...
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