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Default Re: 2013 Detroit Pistons summer league roster

Originally Posted by dd24
It just didn't sound like the team has plans for him in their rotation. Even Keith Langlois has wrote about it already.

I'm just saying with a front court that has Drummond, Monroe, Jerebko, Smith, CV, and Kravtsov (who played pretty decent too) I don't see how he could see much court time. He'll end up in the D-League for quite a bit I'm sure. He'll be on the roster for cap reasons but that's probably it. I'm not saying there's not a chance he won't make it, but I am saying it will be a very difficult road for him.

Everybody thought Kim English could be the next big thing too. He just got released. It's like I've always said, 2nd rounders typically don't last long in the league.

Credit where credit is due - you called this from day 1 about English. I thought he would develop into a handy end of the bench type guy just because he can shoot and plays pretty good D. I think if he can become even more of a specialist he might be able to return to the league at some point. He is like a poor mans Afflalo,
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