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Originally Posted by franchize
Did Pablo Prigioni DESERVE a single vote? Cmon now. If I want to hear the idiotic justifications of our bum fan favorites, I'll just go on ESPN myself. Prigioni and Lillard aren't even in the same stratosphere. Felton is way better than Prigioni. And Shitioni is a bum. Period. I don't need some article or someone else's opinion to see that.

We went on a streak because Melo and JR went apeshit in the month of April. I know you'd love to ignore that fact but it's true. And that had zero to do with Pablo.
I would like to say most of the players stepped their games up in April.

But I'm sure the stars only get credit for wins....nobody else, which is exactly why i always blame them for losses.

I dont question your knowledge of the game, but i dont think you watch the Knick games very much.

The article and advanced data corresponds to what actually happened on the court.

You wanna credit only Melo and

Thats why besides Kidd, they were the most dismal.

No playoff heart.
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