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Default Re: Mr. Big Shot is back!!!

For over a year now they've been trying to sell us on a new core of Knight, Monroe, and Drummond. Then Joe D goes out and trades for Calderon and right then I knew they didn't have faith in Knight as a PG even though Joe D came out and said otherwise. Now we've seen Knights name in a rumored trade for Rondo and there's the rumors that we're going after Jennings. I'm convinced the management in Detroit isn't thrilled about having Knight as our PG of the future.

I think Jennings would be an upgrade. It's hard to know how it would work out because he's never really had much help in Milwaukee. He was the go to scorer. Last year he had Ellis but that's about it. With guys like Drummond, Monroe, & Smith his game might change to being more of a distributor. He can be a good playmaker, it's just he hasn't had anybody to really make plays for.

I would guess if they offered Atlanta a package it would be the same offer they gave Boston. It probably revolves around Knight + an expiring contract. I think Detroit has some cap space left too, so they could probably take on some extra salary.
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