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Originally Posted by knickscity
I would like to say most of the players stepped their games up in April.

But I'm sure the stars only get credit for wins....nobody else, which is exactly why i always blame them for losses.

I dont question your knowledge of the game, but i dont think you watch the Knick games very much.

The article and advanced data corresponds to what actually happened on the court.

You wanna credit only Melo and

Thats why besides Kidd, they were the most dismal.

No playoff heart.

If being "knowledgeable" means saying stuff like Pablo Prigioni was a better guard than Raymond Felton, then I'd rather remain knowledge-less in your eyes. And I will gladly furnish my Verizon Fios cable bill that shows my League Pass purchase lol I watched damn near every game at least once with the exception of the London game. I've gone to quite a few games as well.

All I know is, Jared Jeffries, Pablo Prigioni, Josh Harrelson, Jason Kidd and Tyson Chandler have been the Knicks who've gotten the most praise from you since I've been a member here.

I'm not saying JR and Melo were the ONLY reason we went on a streak but I'm not going to be blind and act like Prigioni was the biggest reason. That's just being a hater. JR had arguably the best stretch of his career and Melo was POTM if I'm not mistaken. Furthermore, an 18 game stretch in an 82 game season is an awfully small sample set. Not to mention, I would HOPE we improve considering Jason Kidd starting was the alternative. You really can't get worse than Jason Kidd.

For the record, I've routinely said +/- is the most meaningless stat in the NBA.
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