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Default Re: Metta World Peace interested in joining Knicks

Originally Posted by knickscity
Now will you finally believe folks aint coming for free, you gotta overpay.

This dude wants to be here, and we had to cover his taxes just to get him to sign.

No I don't believe that whatsoever. This merely convinced me Grunwald doesn't know what he's doing. Metta World Peace was amnestied for a reason. I'm not treating him like a priority. Grunwald is simply an idiot and this signing did not convince me otherwise. He has absolutely no negotiating skills. He simply signs flashy names and overpays for fan favorites. The man said himself he overpaid for Steve Novak and Marcus Camby. Every guy he's overpaid for were players where it really wouldn't have been the end of the world if we missed out on them.
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