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Originally Posted by franchize

All I know is, Jared Jeffries, Pablo Prigioni, Josh Harrelson, Jason Kidd and Tyson Chandler have been the Knicks who've gotten the most praise from you since I've been a member here.

And this is a flat out lie. This is the only year I've actually given ANY criticism to Melo....not when the Knicks got swept in 2011...not last year against Miami.

I've left him alone because he didnt have any help.

But this year? No way, the dude had help, and shot more shots than anyone has ever seen, and assisted as least as he could.

Originally Posted by franchize
I'm not saying JR and Melo were the ONLY reason we went on a streak but I'm not going to be blind and act like Prigioni was the biggest reason. That's just being a hater. JR had arguably the best stretch of his career and Melo was POTM if I'm not mistaken. Furthermore, an 18 game stretch in an 82 game season is an awfully small sample set. Not to mention, I would HOPE we improve considering Jason Kidd starting was the alternative. You really can't get worse than Jason Kidd.
Kidd isnt here anymore, so no one can use that excuse anymore.

Kidd also has nothing to do with Melo's 41% shooting in the playoffs either.

At least JR has an excuse why his play was garbage, too bad he negated it by clubbing every night.

And for the record, I didnt say Pablo was the biggest reason for the Knicks winning, I said he was better than Felton....Felton is garbage.

I've recognized melo's MVP regular season.

He's just a garbage playoff performer, that needs to trust his more efficient teammates and recognize when they are hitting shots.....stop shooting.
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