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Garbage and 28 and 7 don't add up.

And if you think Pablo Prigioni is better than Raymond Felton...I don't even know what to say anymore.

And what was all this "help" Melo got? Amare was still non existent. Kidd was even worse than Mike Bibby in the playoffs. Prigioni is a scrub. Chandler stunk it up YET AGAIN. You yourself said Copeland was invisible in the Celtics series. The only person who really was reliable all playoffs was Shumpert.

And what exactly was JR's excuse?

You argument really makes no sense. You're saying "you can't use Kidd as an exacuse because he's gone". We havent played a game since he's left. Did I miss the beginning of the season? I'm sorry, And yes...Kidd DOES have something to do with Melo's shooting %. When a team can key in on stopping you because you have no effects your shooting %. Name ONE player you've supported since I've been a member on here that's contributed more to the Knicks. It's ok....i'll wait.

It's one thing to say a guy shot poorly. Its another thing to say the best player on the team is garbage when he's avg 27 and 8. That's not only being ignorant, it's being a hater and being hypocritical considering Pablo Prigioni has now become your favorite Knick. closing arguments...seriously dude. Prigioni is a bum. No seriously....he's a bum. He's a minimum contract 3rd string PG. I'm no Felton fan, but Prigioni is no where near as god as him. I don't even think Prigioni was starting anymore overseas when we signed him lol He's a scrub. You joke on me about Telfair all the be it. But even he is better than Prigioni. really....seriously....he's a bum lol

O yea.....and Jared Jeffries is a bum too.

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