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So Melo had help. OK. From who ???

Kidd didn't hit a field goal in his last 10 games or so. J.R.Smith was absolutely horrible since the game 3 of the Boston series. Tyson was horrible all playoffs long (not that I expected otherwise). Novak is non existent in the playoffs and Amare is always hurt come playoff time. Copeland didn't even play until the half way into the Pacers series.

Like franchize said the only player that played well all playoffs long is Shumpert.
Felton was great in the Boston series but not so much against the Pacers.
Others were complete garbage.

When no one expect you can make a shot it gives defenses a chance to collapse on you. Also you need to take tougher shots because you're basically the only scoring option on the team.

Even your dear Durant got bounced out easily in the 2nd round because he didn't have help (read Westbrook). No one in this league can win without enough help (not even LeBron).
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