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When a player always shoots poorly in the're garbage.

39% 40% 43%

If I told someone that a player who makes 20 million dollars had a 40% shooting playoff run and 27% from three with a usage rate of 40 with 1 assist, that player should literally get the hell off the team.

Cant blame it in on the teammate when the teammates shot better from the field.

There was only two players on the team to shot worse from the three.....

Kidd and JR....and neither of them started a single game.

Melo was the least efficent starter on the club while taking almost as many shots than the entire starting lineup COMBINED.

Every single starter either shot better from three or better from the field overall, which is exactly why most of them complained about the offense.

How does one player seriously take over 300 shots in two rounds?

Then actually have the nerve to say in closing "we teased the city a little, now they expect us to do this every year"

Expect what? To get beat by inferior opponents?

Melo is not a playoff performer, he doesnt have the will to win in his blood.

Sorry, but I dont support when it matters if you want my support....he's a regular season player, not playoff built.

When you struggle against a team with no pg at all and lose against a team that didnt have their best player for the whole stink.

When Melo opts out next season, he should not make more than 12 million.

Only two way players, efficient scorers, defensive anchors should get more.

Melo is a second rate player, and should be paid as one.

But I fully expect him to opt out and sign that 5 year 129 million dollar max contract which will give him a starting salary of 25 mil which is almost half the cap.

And then complain he doesnt have any help.
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