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Originally Posted by tamaraw08
Most great teams also had some kind of adversity.
The Kobe/Shaq combo also struggled on the road in Sacramento,
Then was down 17 late in 3rd quarter vs Portland in game 7, the first year they won it all.
Before they won their 3rd ring, they needed to beat the KIngs 7th game on the road, actually needed a late 3pt shot by Horry in game 4....
Also I really believe in teams playing to the oppositions level of play. Superstars tend to relax then DIG DEEP, when it is needed.
but I digress, my whole point was Miami didn't simply think "we have enough to beat every team" after they signed the big 3. They kept acquiring key pieces like a great defender/3pt shooter in Battier, THEN, signed arguably the best shooter the past 12 years in Allen.
Im hoping that Rose has grown, but Im also afraid that you have underestimated the improvement of Lebron James. I mean the guy is not just athletic and big but also has wisen up and improved vastly on his clutch perimeter shots.
Boozer, Deng and Kirk are older, Noah and Taj have been fragile etc, they lost Asik etc. in the mean time Pat Riley has continued for ways to improve his team.

Don't stress Tamara, we got this

I have a really good feeling about this year. The advantage of keeping a core group together and a good coach is that we are improving and our team healthy I think beats Heat. We have the bigs, we have the Lebron stopper, we have a sharp shooter, we have the experience and we have the sustained effort that Miami often struggles with.

I dream of the day, when Rose goes nuts on the Heat and kills them with his improved jumpshot and gives them the "you can't guard me" look. Butler continues to fustrate Lebron and Dunleavy rains down the threes. Boozer finally does his job and Noah wills the team on with his great defense and clutch defensive plays.

It's gonna happen and all of us Bulls fans will rejoice and have all the satisfaction in knowing that we have been there supporting the team through years of fustration and bad luck.
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