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You can continue to question my basketball knowledge. I would rather be seen an idiot than agree with the stuff you've said over the past season. I may be knowledge-less in you eyes, but in my eyes, people with basketball knowledge don't say the following:

A person who avg 28 and 7 is in the playoffs is garbage.
Pablo Prigioni is good but Carmelo Anthony is garbage
Pablo Prigioni is better than Raymond Felton
A team that started James White, Pablo Prigioni, Chris Copeland, Jason Kidd, Kurt Thomas, Ronnie Brewer etc were supposed to be in the Finals.
A team that saw it's highest paid player play 29 games is a contender.
A team that was on it's 4th or 5th PF is still expected to be a contender.
A team that saw 3 PGs combine for 8 points and 2 of 13.
Carmelo Anthony is only worth a max of 12 million dollars but Grunwald isn't dumb for amnestying Billups and paying Chandler 14 million dollars.

So if my knowledge is in question or whether I even watch the be it.

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