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Default Re: Fantasy Football 2013 Advice

Originally Posted by Bano114
It depends on your league format (how many teams, is it PPR?).

Antonio Brown becomes at least a little more valuable with Mike Wallace gone.

I expect him to be seeing more targets which means more receptions, more yards and maybe even more touch downs. He only had 5 last season so if you are considering him in a non PPR league I'd suggest staying away because he hasn't proven to be the type of player that can go off one week and win you a fantasy game.

In a PPR league however I think he will get enough use to be a solid flex player. Nothing suggests him being a starter in a 2 WR league, and if you draft him as such, expect to be behind in WR fantasy production week to week.

I expect Big Ben to do about the same as he always does in Fantasy. If your in a 10 or 12 team league, and he's your starter, expect to be on the bottom end in QB production from week to week among QB starters. He's not a top 10 QB in fantasy football, and I'd suggest grabbing one of the top 10 instead of him.

He also has the 17th easiest schedule among defenses that gave up the most points to QBs in fantasy football last season.

He's a QB that you can pick your spots with against certain match ups, but he's not more than a back up or a spot starter in a QB by committee type team.
good stuffs.
1 auction 1 standard both 12 teamers PPR.

Like Ben for the Auction league cuz im splittin qb money between 2 guys in the draft, passing top shelfers brees and arod. QBBC was the plan anyway
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