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I will say this I hate when you say 28-6 the bottom line isnt the story. The story is how did he get that 28.

40% from the floor, 29% from 3, 6 rebounds (not good for your PF), 1.6 asst 1.1 stls 2.6 TO's.

None of that is good. That gets on my nerves Franchize and Clutch honestly. Dont tell me his 28 and 6 was good. You cant put up Rudy Gay type numbers and get paid like LBJ. Franchize and Clutch you know why some players get passes for not winning because they did everything on the floor at a high level and the team didnt have enough talent. Your argument is Melo cant be at a high level because he has no teammates. That it in itself means he isnt built to be the man. Dont sell me he as an Elite player then we all good.

If he opts out and wants max money sorry I dont want him. He isnt good enough to eat up the teams cap and have lesser players around him then not win. He isnt a 20 million dollar plus player to me. (Of course I dont think Stat, Tyson are worth their contracts but the Knicks overpay or get nothing) Market supply and demand dictates salary.

I rather have Melo on the team and have a draw than without because this team will never be able to get another draw on their own.

My point in all this is probably in between all of you. I know Melo isnt that good so this team needs A LOT MORE HELP.

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