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Originally Posted by Rameek
I will say this I hate when you say 28-6 the bottom line isnt the story. The story is how did he get that 28.

40% from the floor, 29% from 3, 6 rebounds (not good for your PF), 1.6 asst 1.1 stls 2.6 TO's.


There's a difference between inefficient and being garbage. And to say 6 rebounds isn't good for a PF...further proves my point. HE ISN'T A POWER FORWARD! He was ASKED to be our power forward because the dude we pay MORE than him to be such was a virtual no show.

End of the day, as I've said before...It just seems like people aren't mad at Melo because of his play. People are mad at him for not being LeBron James. Guess what? LeBron ain't coming here....and it's partially because of the same hypocritical fans that are dissing Melo. So when you bring up the "nobody wants to play here because..." argument, kindly look in the mirror and point to yourselves until you put a bullet sized hole in your chest. If there is ANY reason why someone wouldn't want to play in NY it's because you have fans like Knickscity that act like I'm some type of idiot because I don't think Prigioni is good and Melo is garbage.

Time for our ignorant fan base to try something different. The players we've embraced (Jeffries, Ward, Harrelson, Novak, Prigioni, Kidd, Chandler,etc) have been utter bums in the post season. The players who've gotten the most criticism actually have been some of the most talented players in the league.

There's only ONE LeBron James. There's only ONE Kevin Durant. NEITHER have won rings without help. NEITHER are coming here. To say a player is garbage and isn't worth more than 12 million simply because they aren't them.... guess what....that applies to every other player in the league. They are the 2 best players in the NBA. I repeat, LeBron and Kevin aren't coming here guys. You'd better embrace the guy who was willing to and has gotten us to the post season 3 times in 3 years. Unless, of course, you want 10 more years of sitting around waiting for guys like Gallo to become superstars and overpaying bums like Jared Jeffries so Knickscity and Mike Breen can tell us all the things we don't see that he's doing. You know...because we lack the knowledge to see things with the "expertise" they do.

Anyway, I'm done with this argument. This wasn't even the premise of my original topic. End of the day, Melo is a top 10 player in the league in my opinion. Prigioni is a 3rd string PG. Grunwald is an idiotic GM. This roster is a clusterfukk of guys just like it was under Isaiah. And I will continue to preach that as until I see otherwise.

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