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Default Re: Metta World Peace interested in joining Knicks

Originally Posted by Rameek
You are assuming that wasnt the first option.
I'm not assuming anything.

#1 Metta World Peace doesn't make or break our contending chances so it would be a take it or leave it type negotiation.

#2 While I take interviews with a grain of salt, he said himself "it really didn't matter how much the contract was. I would have played here for a dollar. I'm giving my earnings away to charity anyway."

#3 He's still being paid by the Lakers so if we did give him said dollar, it would still be more than he expected to make in the beginning of the season.

#4 as I said repeatedly, I feel Grunwald has poor negotiating skills. That's an opinion. What is a FACT is that he said himself "in retrospect, I overpaid for Novak and Camby."
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