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Default Re: Metta World Peace interested in joining Knicks

Originally Posted by franchize
I'm not assuming anything.

#1 Metta World Peace doesn't make or break our contending chances so it would be a take it or leave it type negotiation.

#2 While I take interviews with a grain of salt, he said himself "it really didn't matter how much the contract was. I would have played here for a dollar. I'm giving my earnings away to charity anyway."

#3 He's still being paid by the Lakers so if we did give him said dollar, it would still be more than he expected to make in the beginning of the season.

#4 as I said repeatedly, I feel Grunwald has poor negotiating skills. That's an opinion. What is a FACT is that he said himself "in retrospect, I overpaid for Novak and Camby."

Again you are assuming regardless of what Metta said in that interview what if he demanded that extra money for his charity. Metta probably just became the 2nd most important player on the team lol.
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