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Originally Posted by franchize
Except I didn't blame ONLY the role players. But there is a distinct differnce between our role players and other teams role players. You can't get a team full of guys nobody wants and say "go make them a championship team." LeBron James wouldn't win a ring with last year's team.

And I'd argue that Melo, while not consistently efficient, has showed up in the playoffs. But whatever...he's who we got and he's easily been the best Knick we've had since Ewing. I'm going to continue to support our best player. Until Amare is gone, I can't even fix my face to complain about Melo's contract.
Like I said he isnt as bad as Knickcity is saying and no where as good as what you claim him to be.

He is needed at this point. But in the same breath because he is a limited player he needs WAY more help.

If he opts out though and gets 20 plus million again I will kill him first.
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