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Default Re: How to improve perimeter D?

The biggest and quickest improvement you can make is 'EFFORT'

Defense is a effort stat.
I've played against guys that are quick, pesky with their hands and would be amazing defenders, but I have beat them fairly easily purely because they lacked effort. People get lazy and just stick an arm out instead of moving their body.

That's why effort is so important. Make the effort, as a player drives by you instead of just leaving an arm out, slide your feet, get low and take their shoulder against your chest, force them wide. If they are any good with handling the ball, they'll have it on the far side of their body so don't even bother trying to reach, all you'll do is bail them out with a foul call.
If they get a little past you, don't give up, quite often you can start forcing them down the side and they'll give up on the current route and try to find a better option, either cutting back, passing or even jacking a brick.

Trying to block a shot is overated too. I'm a shorter guy, however less people score on me then some of the taller players purely because instead of going for a big swipe/block, I'm raising both my hands, one for the ball and one over the shooters eyes. Tyring to make them change the shot in mid flight. Then immediately getting into good position for a board. If they score, then that's that, next possession. Just don't give up.

So effort and remember to be solid. Not overly physical giving away unnecessary fouls but be solid as in don't flake as soon as they drive on you. Keep them where you want them by getting to where they want to be first.
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