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Default Re: What was the difference between Kobe last year and 2009?

Originally Posted by TonyMontana
The difference is that he doesn't have the most stacked cast in the league anymore.

-All of the youthful LA role players have been replaced by over the hill veterans.

-Instead of the GOAT coach Phil Jackson, they have D'Antoni one of the worst in the league.

-It is still pathetic that Kobe could only win 45 games with Dwight Howard and Pau Gasol on his team.

Kobe himself is almost the same player(worse defensively). He just doesn't have a great cast in a weak league(who the *** was LAs top competition during those years? SA when they were losing to 8 seeds?). A better league an a weaker team means less team success which means less sportscenter hype.

Kobes entire career is hyped from "winning". His actual impact on games isn't that high at all(compared to other great players). Thats all he had.
The Lakers were never stacked. I know you just started watching basketball in 2010 but come on. AT least get your facts straight before posting. Next season's Lakers is probably the most stacked team they've had in a whiiiile.
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