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Default Chauncey Billups return to Detroit Pistons

This isnít all about nostalgia, even if it looks that way. Sure, it was a happy day for the Pistons as they welcomed back Chauncey Billups, handed him his old jersey No. 1 and declared bygones long gone.

But beneath the feel-good emotions and the make-good sentimentality was a play-good promise, which is all that matters now. Billups made it, saying he wasnít coming back at 36 just to be a mentor. Joe Dumars made it, saying he was very comfortable with the offseason improvements and was hunting for more.

The Pistons took a look back by reclaiming their savvy point guard Tuesday, but itís not a step back. Itís a low-risk move and an acknowledgement of why the franchise lost its way, and how desperate it is to find its way back.

-- Detroit News
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