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Default Gal Mekel hopes to break into the Mavericks rotation

Crowder compares Mekel to Minnesota’s Ricky Rubio, a flashy “Pistol” Pete Maravich-type point guard from Spain. While that comparison may be an exaggeration, Mekel has a very high basketball IQ that will pay dividends down the road for the Mavs.

“Gal is a smart player. He picks up things quick,” said Monte Mathis, the Mavs’ summer league head coach. “I’m just trying to get him to understand our defensive schemes and things like that, and being a guy that causes problems off pick-and-rolls offensively.”

Mekel is 25 years old — an old-timer for an NBA rookie — and could have been in the NBA at an earlier age. He spent the 2006-08 seasons at Wichita State before returning to Israel to play pro ball for Maccabi Tel Aviv way before the NBA fat-cats could get their hands on him.

-- Fort Worth Star-Telegram
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