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Default Re: Metta World Peace interested in joining Knicks

Originally Posted by Rameek
Unfortunately you have no facts because no one is in the negotiating room.

You can spin it anyway you like. The facts that we know is this organization has to overpay players to get them/keep them/or by error.

I CLEARLY separated what was my opinion and what was fact.

Metta saying in an interview that he would have played here for a dollar and will give his Knicks salary to charity is a FACT

Metta still being paid by the Lakers is a FACT

Grunwald saying "I overpaid for Novak and Camby" in an interview is a FACT

What YOU are saying is opinion. We DON'T know that. FACT is something that can be verified. Saying we know the Knicks have to overpay to keep players is an opinion. I don't get how I tried to spin anything. I took the facts and formulated an opinion on it just like you did. Just how you'd like to say "you weren't in the negotiating room"...well neither were you.
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