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Default Re: How to improve perimeter D?

Originally Posted by Ai2death
If they get a little past you, don't give up, quite often you can start forcing them down the side and they'll give up on the current route and try to find a better option, either cutting back, passing or even jacking a brick.
You said a lot of good things, but I liked this in particular. It's something I've had to work on in recent years. There were times where, if I was beat, I'd be like, "Ah well, it's up to the help defense now." I mean, I wouldn't just wave him by and stand still, but when I was beat, I kind of felt like I was out of the play.

However, I've noticed there's still a lot to be said for trailing a player who's beat you off the dribble all the way until a play occurs. Often, if help does come about, it can create a claustrophobic situation for the ball handler.
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