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Default Re: Kurt Rambis Possibly Coming Back

Originally Posted by dd24
Who would you rather have, 'antoni or Rambis?

Wha......would I rather die by fire or by falling off a that what you're asking me?

Nobody seems to remember how epic a failure Rambis was as Lakers head coach, he really didn't have the slightest clue on any coaching decision. Rodman had to constantly tell him what to call timeouts at the end of games and such. It was this interaction and frustration that led to Rodman not being on the Lakers when Phil came in......Phil wanted him back but Jerry said no.
Rambis may have improved some of those issues......maybe, but lacks the personal skills in dealing with players that are required in the NBA.
The guy had MAJOR problems with his players in Minny, including Kevin Love, he benched him on a regular basis. Rambis as an assistant and no higher is ok.
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