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...and while we're talking about shoot first pg's who do not have a clue, from the NY Post today on Nate-Rob:

July 11, 2006 -- LAS VEGAS - The difference in coaching philosophy between Isiah Thomas and Larry Brown boils down to their views on Nate Robinson.
When the 5-9 Robinson flew in on a breakway during the summer-league opener Friday, bounced the ball in the air, caught it above the rim and slammed it down, Thomas could not have been more excited. Brown would have been appalled.

"If any of us were his size and could do the stuff that he does, hell, you want to try it," said Thomas, whose Knicks faced Ron Artest's Kings in a summer-league game late last night at UNLV. "What's the sense of having it if you can't use it? Now, we don't want him to use it and it costs us a game, but . . . "

That's an interesting "but." The energetic Robinson has free rein under Thomas, but is that necessarily a good thing? Thomas believes showboat plays enhance the Knicks product.

Zaza note - I just threw up in my own mouth

"People pay a lot of money to see us play," Thomas said. "Part of our job, whether we like it or not, is to be entertaining. You don't make the kind of salaries these guys make if you can't put on a show. Part of basketball is show business. We're on TV. They want to see a good show, but they also want to see good basketball."

Zaza note - Actually, I want to see good basketball. If you play well, it'll be a good show, without the showboating.

Isiah's views could conflict with the sensibilities of Knicks fans, who want a winner. New York has the most sophisticated basketball fans in the league. They appreciate the smart pass and hustle play more than the showboat slam.

Zaza note - Thank you

The championship Knicks, of Bill Bradley, Walt Frazier and Dave DeBusschere, were about teamwork first, showiness last.

But New York fans also love the underdog, and at 5-9, Robinson has struck a chord with the Garden fans. In April, he showed up at the West 4th courts to give some kids Knick shorts and joined a pickup game, with parkgoers climbing onto the fence to watch.

"I remember I went to McDonald's over there to wash my hands because when you're shooting the ball gets so dirty," Robinson said. "Jamal [Crawford] and I were in there and this girl, she was crying. She was a Knick fan, she knew all the old Knicks. She was in tears. She was like, 'Can I get a picture?' She didn't have a camera, so, we went across the street and bought a camera for her and took pictures. She was so happy."

Zaza note - Did he sell the movie rights to this story yet.

There is no bound to Robinson's confidence. "In college, I didn't follow [basketball] a lot," Robinson said. "But now I watch Steve Nash, Jason Terry, Dwyane Wade, Carmelo [Anthony], LeBron [James], all those great players. I try to take pieces of them and just form Nate Robinson, and try to see if I can be one of the greatest ever to play this game."

Zaza note - Nash, Wade, Lebron, and TERRY. Funny that the least player on his list is the one he is most like, except that Terry can really shoot

Robinson's popularity soared after he won the Slam-Dunk title at the All-Star Game. His reward was Brown sending him to the inactive list, and considering sending him to the NBDL.

The fear is the trash-talking, muscle-flexing Robinson will be too out of control without Brown. But Robinson admitted he would not try that circus dunk in the regular season. Thomas said he'd have no problem with it.

"Just because you're having fun and you're enjoying what you're doing does not mean you're out of control," Thomas said. "Hell, if I was 5-(7) and I could bounce it on the floor and dunk it, I'd try it, too. I'm glad he did it, and I hope he gets the opportunity to do it again."
These young shoot first pg's make me crazy and Thomas is no help. Ever since the draft, guys like Nate Rob and Salim have been hearing it - they shoot too much, they don't try to run the team. Now its the offseason, time to try to develop new parts to your game and what does Nate Rob do - shoot too much, showboat and dunk.

Douche - you are 5'7, you have to play point guard in the league, or not play at all, try to play without shooting. Try to move hte ball. Try ot set up teammates. Try to be a passer.

No, instead he is throwing bounce passes to himself and IT applauds it.

Its hard out there to be a Knick fan.
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