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Originally Posted by Rameek
You can post every overall number you want. He doesnt play efficiently. Nothing he does suggest that he is an elite player. Besides there arent many elite players that can carry a team thats just how the league is now. There are many made up superstars. Just because there arent many great players at the SF position doesnt mean he has to be a great player. Just because there arent many elite centers doesnt mean number 5 is a great player.

If you peel the onion back a couple of layers you see Rudy Gay, look at all the numbers. Same player with 5 or 6 less shots.

You havent said nothing to say this guy is an elite player. You just say 28 and 6 thats trash when you have to shoot like 25 times. He has more TO's than assit steals blocks. 6 rebounds for your starting PF is trash.

The guy is a inefficient volume scorer and has a repertoire, hey the guy isnt scared to take the last shot. The guy is what they call a superstar these days fine. Market dictates salary and I dont want to count any mans pockets but he isnt good enough to carry a team then he isnt good enough to be 20 million plus player.

Do the Knicks need him? OBVIOUSLY. Can he carry the team? NO. Does he need help? YES, significant help. Is everything his fault? NO.

My new saying;

Role players dont make the Superstar better the Superstar makes the Role players better.

As I said...we'll agree to disagree. I disagree with basically everything you've said (especially about him not being able to carry the team. We had a team burdened by various bums and won 54 games) and I'm sure the feeling is mutual. So be it.

I also disagree that you've somehow proved your point and I've said nothing. Time to move on from this argument. We'll just have to be polar opposites on this one.

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