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Originally Posted by franchize
As I said...we'll agree to disagree. I disagree with basically everything you've said (especially about him not being able to carry the team. We had a team full of bums and won 54 games) and I'm sure the feeling is mutual. So be it.

They won 54 games because most players played way above there abilities and pay grade and were coached up. Last season was a miracle and the East was HORRENDOUS last year and the East could even be worse this year so a repeat isnt out of the question. Playoffs are pretty much a lock anyways with the almost a top 5 seed guaranteed how bad the league is and how many teams are going to tank for the draft next year or so and FA pursuits.

I am on your side though! You're more right than anything. If this team is going to do anything he is going to need a significant number 2. A legit player that can be counted on consistently. More trustworthy teammates.
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