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Default Jason Maxiell Appreciation

Maxiell has signed a two year contract for the Magic today, meaning his run with the Pistons has come to an end.

I just want to say that Max has been one of my all-time favorite pistons - largely due to his passion, motor, effort, hustle, aggression, determination and attitude. Was always one of the least talented players on the roster, but is a great example of hard work paying off, and really reflects on the culture the Pistons have always promoted. Blue collar basketball.

Off the court he is great, great dude. The way he stood by his girlfriend at the time and now wife, Brandy, while she got diagnosed with ovarian cancer - and helped her overcome it - whilst playing at the highest level. That's a good dude right there...

My favorite Maxiell highlight, and there were many to choose from!
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