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Default Re: plain white t-shirt priced at $120 "designed" by kanye west sells out

Originally Posted by RoseCity07
The one that looks like a hefty bag. He wears it in the final 2 episodes of season 4. He is wearing it when he points the gun at Walt, when he gets patted down by Hule. I got it in black and dark brown. Kept the black one. Both were 25. The brand doesn't exist anymore. I would have bought 10 at that price.

The other one I have is the Problen Dog jacket where he tells the emotional story of shooting a dog but he's talking about Gale. I bought that in like 2009 before that episode aired. I was like wtf I have that jacket. Got that one in Chicago for 175. Bought one on eBay for 80 and sold for 425 to a guy in Canada.

Can I see your eBay profile? Curious about your rating and whether I can trust you when I cop a jacket off your inventory.
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