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So far I've had my Versa Gripps for almost 2 months and I can't recommend them enough for people that don't necessarily care about grip strength that much. My grip is good enough that I can deadlift a nice amount, but truthfully all I care about is working my muscles to the best of their ability and my grip often gave out long before the muscles I was targeting (traps specifically). I don't want to be a powerlifter, so grip strength is pretty much irrelevant to me. My traps have grown a lot in that short time just from the fact I can hit them with 15-20 reps with weights that my hands could only handle for 5-10. I got my moneys worth out of them on pulling days, use them for rows, deadlifts, pulldowns etc. I went through maybe 6 pairs of gloves in 2 years, whether it was cause they ripped or I lost them

(My gym doesn't allow chalk anymore)
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