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Default Re: Mr. Big Shot is back!!!

Originally Posted by Nastradamus
I fully disagree. Knight had a really good year defensively last year(check and Billups has shown he can guard SGs. Most of them only have an inch on him anyways and Billups will generally have a strength advantage. I do expect a lot of blocks from our frontcourt though.

And Billups cannot move like he used to. This is not the Billups we had before we let him go. This isn't the Billups that went to Denver. Shit, this isn't the Billups that went to the Clippers. He is a Billups that suffered the same injury that effectively ended Isiah Thomas' career.

Am I saying Billups will suck? No. Of course not. I love the idea of Billups back. I wrote in an earlier post that I would be happy with the Josh Smith trade if the Pistons signed Billups, and boom, it happened. But to think he can still guard bigger SG is laughable when a lot of his movement will be gone. Look at his stats when coming back after the injury. Nothing jumps out at you. And one glaring reality was he was taken advantage of when he was guarding SG. (Where he was moved to when playing with Chris Paul.)

Now on to Knight. I went to and I'm not even going to pretend I can understand that. If you can clarify to me what a good and bad defensive rating is, that would be great. I found the following article below:

And this is basically how I feel. He does not ace my eye test at all. Nothing spectacular about his defense comes to mind. And I'm not going to say it's not for a lack of trying. The kid plays hard defense. He puts his body on the line. Shit, he goes for a stop on so many plays that he doesn't belong, you can make a highlight reel about it. But that doesn't equate to a great defender.

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