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Default Re: Fantasy Football 2013 Advice

Originally Posted by Charlie Sheen
yo bano...snake draft PPR scoring is WR WR gonna kill me in rounds 1 and 2? we playin madden for draft order....aint no way im getting a top 5 pick. gunning for megatron.

mendy...dmc...bush...cj...gore. thinkin i can find 2 starters in that group

It can if you are not really careful. My view on this season is you need to grab 1 of the top 10 RBs to have a shot.

I think Gore is a top 10 RB in fantasy football, but I don't think he gets passed round 2, and if he does, hes gone without a doubt in the early 3rd round.

Stay away from Mendenhall and DMC.

In PPR Chris Johnson and Reggie Bush can be productive starters. Chris Johnson is a total risk though as he can either be the 15th best RB this season or the 5th. PPR and an improved offensive line should work in his favor. His ADP is in the 3rd round though so he's not a gurantee to get either.

Here's my advice if you want to take Calvin in the first round. Grab him and then go RB, RB in round 2 and 3. Try and get Gore or Mccoy and somebody like CJ?K, Stevan Ridley, or Matt Forte.

In the 4th round some very strong WR talent for PPR could still be there. Andre Johnson could drop, and he was a monster in PPR last season. If not guys like Cruz and Randall Cobb are great WR2s.
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