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Default Re: Dolan threathened to trade Shumpert if he didn't play Summer League

I like everything about it.

First, your boss (owner+gm+coach) tells you to do something you do it, there should be no need to threats be involved.

Second, i like how the management are bent on developing and improving it's players. Woodson told Melo he need to get in better shape, he told Amare do get a post game, he is telling now Shump what to do, period. Even if it means sometimes they end up playing for other team (Copeland)

Third, Shump need to cut down on the "swag" and chest pumping and be more like Butler and Kawhi, just go out there and do his job.

Players are too damn happy to be in NY, they need to be remember they have a job to do.
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