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Default Coach Mike Brown interview, on his return to Cleveland Cavs

Q: Do you have more power this time around?

A: Thatís an interesting question. I donít know if power is the right word because I had a tremendous relationship with [former GM] Danny [Ferry] when he was here. Iím better prepared this time around, Iím more educated this time around, I have a sense of knowing what I want more this time around and what I expect. I donít know if power is quite the word. I think those things and maybe some other words describe this time as opposed to last time. Thereís an assuredness, I guess, if thereís one word.

Q: I never liked when you would say, ďLeBron allows me to coach him.Ē Then you said it about Kobe Bryant, too. Do you still believe it was the right thing to say or do you think it gave those guys more leverage than they already had?

A: Itís funny, Gregg Popovich says that about Tim Duncan and he has said it publicly before. Thatís where I learned it [with the San Antonio Spurs]. But I guess those are the shoes Iím sitting in, Iím not Gregg Popovich. I believe and feel the same way about certain things. He could say it and heís applauded for it as a genius comment to say, but I say it and itís looked upon as, ďThis guy is scaredĒ or ďHeís giving them more power than what they deserve.Ē

-- Akron Beacon JOurnal
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