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Default Re: Andrew Wiggins vs Jabari Parker

Originally Posted by Thorpesaurous
I actually feel like Randle is underrated at this point too. I get the Wiggins stuff. You see him do things, and it's clear that he's got elite elite athleticism. The type of thing you only see in the very top 1% of players. But there's something about watching full games from him, even when his numbers are dominant, where I just don't feel like he's imposing himself on the game. It's hard to explain.

I like Randle because I feel like that position is not in great shape. He's like a genuine big time PF prospect the likes of which we haven't seen since Chris Webber. He's got legit size and length. And his ball skills and shooting are already pretty damn polished. He runs incredibly well, and looks like he can even step out and defend some.

On board the Randle train myself which is why I'm really interested to see how he matches up vs bigger, stronger just as fast kids at the collegiate level. Also guys with good bball IQ that will challenge him. Watching him in HS there are times its totally unfair the things he does. But what mind blowns me is his got damn handle. Its really good for a guy his size and he is agile as hell.

So hype about college bball its been years but I'm a Sixers fan so you know why and can understand given ur a Celtics fan.

I'm a Celtic fan, which means I'm required by law to love Paul Pierce, and Parker is clearly cut out of that Pierce/Melo cloth. But he is a little bigger, so maybe there's some more upside. But I am a little concerned about the slightly limited athleticism. It just doesn't always play in the NBA. I fear with guys like that you can get into a position where they're so good you can't replace them, but not good enough to truely build a contender around.

Good point.
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